• Manufacturers  Warranty for peace of mind.
  • Made for Australian conditions.
  • Colour Fastness fabrics designed for prolong lifespan.
  • Most of our fabrics are protected by teflon fabric protector, and are also flame retardant tested to A51530 Part 3

With the increasing awareness of social well being and our desire to ensure we are not being subjected to harmful substances, Gumtree Blinds in Perth  have taken the proactive approach to obtaining certification from the various companies that manufacture fabrics. The internationally recognised label for CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES. This lsignifies that the product has passed rigorous testing implemented by independent testing institutes which confirms that no harmful substances are present and that the fabric poses no risk whatsoever to your health.

Most of  our Australian Made fabrics are Certified. 

 MILDEW FREE- Microban anticrobial technology provides continuous product protection against stain-causing bacteria, mould and mildew.

NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS- GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified by the GREENGUARD Evnvironmental Institure (USA) under the GREENGUARD standard for Low Emitting Products. As Mode fabrics can be used for interior window coverings, they have been tested and certified as low chemical emitting products. 

HYGIENE TREATED- Many of our products are treated with Santizied hygiene function which keeps odours away ensuring freshness in your home, stops mildew and fungi growing on your window coverings keeping your home clean, protects against the development of bacteria ensuring well being in your home and the Sanitized Anticrobial Protection is free of harmful substances and is recommened by institutions for allergy sufferers.  

FIRE RETARDANT-We have a wide range of fabrics which are fire retardant. These fire retardant fabrics have been designed specifically to inhibit the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire. The fabrics are independantly tested in accordance with the Australian Standard, providing you with a solution that is not only fashionable, but safe for you and your family.

FADE RESISTANT- The colour of your window fashions can change over the years due to exposure to light. Our Fabrics must undergo stringent testing to ensure they resist fading and maintain their original appearance.  

STAIN RESISTANCE- Many of our fabrics have been treated with DURAGUARD® fabric protector, which effectively repels most stain causing agents with it's proven, water based, preventative formula. These fabrics will  resist water stains from rain, moisture and condensation on windows and resist oily stains from spills or fingerprints.