Fabric Range Sheer

6738292.jpgSheer fabrics have the finest weave and allow sunlight to stream through during the day while maintaining daytime privacy. Depending on the tightness of the weave, outside views can still be preserved while the blind is down.

Sheer fabrics provide good UV and heat protection. 

If heat protection is a top priority for you, choose a fabric in a lighter shade to ensure maximum heat reflection. 

If clarity of the view to the outside is important, choose a dark colour.

Fabric Range Translucent

7759535.jpgTranslucent fabrics are perfect for living areas. While still providing privacy and UV protection, light is gently filtered into the room. 

Numerous designs are available, from fine plain fabrics right through to heavily textured weaves, so you have more control over the amount of light entering a room.

Fabric Range Blockout

6859925.jpgAs the name suggests, blockout fabrics 'block' sunlight from entering a room. Light penetration is minimised, which means blockout fabrics are the perfect solution for bedrooms. Blockout fabrics offer the maximum protection possible from heat, glare and UV.

Blockout fabric often feature a white backing, as white offers excellent reflection of the heat.