Roman Blinds Perth, WA

Immensely renowned for more than twenty years, Beach roman blinds carry on to be the most favorite blind collection of Gum Tree Blinds.

Beach Roman blinds Perth have been specially designed for those looking for a classic yet modern style. Merged with our assortment of designer textiles, Beach roman blinds are the critical expression of art meets function.

7250046.jpgProduct Details:

Our new and pioneering Reverse Roman Operation provides the ultimate in flexibility by enabling you to run your Beach Roman Blind from Bottom Up or Top Down. This will offer you wonderful compliance to available natural light while being able to fulfill your isolation needs concurrently.

Cord operation:

Effortless to operate, our Beach blind can be lowered and lifted to the required level dragging the operating string. The string is then either fastened with an appealing cleat or just locked into place with the help of a cord locking tool. For ease of raising or to decrease the number of strings, you may want to take into account our Move motorization or chain operation option.

  • Chain operations are suitable for larger blinds that are usually heavy to raise.
  • Move motorization is an admired solution for those who desire a contemporary living as well as the advantages of a quiet and automatic unit.

Roman blinds in Perth, WA provide a classic yet modern look that’s quickly becoming a popular option. At Gum Tree Blinds, we provide an array of fabrics that’ll integrate class and individuality to any room.

Our Roman blinds  WA are an aesthetic window covering option that can be employed as a pelmet when completely pulled up. These specific blinds are suggested to be face fitted to the exterior of your window offering a clean and contemporary look.

When lowered, our Roman blinds can offer either a room darkening or light filtering effect.  At Gum Tree Blinds our entire range of blinds are customized to fit each individual window.

We provide three types of Roman Blinds:

Mediterranean:  This  sort of blind provides elegant aluminum slats to the back and front of the blind for a more classy look. One can complement the slats to the textile or can choose to make them truly out of the box and go for a chrome slat, drawing attention of onlookers.

Rio – Well, this’s our classic edition of the roman blinds. It provides a minimal and simplistic appearance. It consists of the aluminum slats to the back of the blind, which develops the pleating effect. There’re no slats at the front side, just a very classy look.

Moroccan – This edition has timber slats to the front and back of the blind developing a sense of warmth. We’ve many accessible timber slat colors to choose from to make sure you find the best fit feasible  for your home.


Routine maintenance – a typical portable vacuum with low suction is recommended. While vacuuming ignore stretching or pulling the textile. Intense vacuuming isn’t suggested, since this may discolor the fabric.

Cleaning procedure – when required, can be washed by delicately blotting a damp, soft sponge or cloth, utilizing tepid foamy water mildew defiant. Be cautious not to apply excessive force to the blinds.

Inkia Roman Blinds:

The Inika roman blind Perth is an original concept developed in 1985. Inika’s exceptional look is accomplished by the utilization of revealed timber slats. Inika slats can be stained or lacquered to complement your wall color, furniture or even your timber flooring. These are accessible in a contemporary palette of neutral or contrasting colors that’ll harmonize any color scheme.

Inika can be composed with translulent, sheer and blackout textiles to fulfill the design and lighting needs of each room in the home. 

Roman Blinds Inika


The Inika roman blind is an original concept developed and created in 1985. Inika's unique appearance is achieved by the use of exposed timber battens. Inika battens can be lacquered or stained to match your furniture, wall colour or even your timber floor. These are available in a modern palette of neutral or contrasting colours that will complement any colour scheme.

Inika can be manufactured with sheertranslucent and blockout fabrics to meet the lighting and design requirements of every room in the house.

View the Inspiration Brand brochure here

7832954.jpgProduct details REVERSE New and innovative Reverse Roman Operation offers the ultimate in versatility by allowing you to operate your INIKA Roman Blind from Top Down or Bottom Up. This will give you great flexibility to access natural light whilst being able to meet your privacy needs at the same time. Choose from left hand controls, right hand controls or opposite controls.

Download Reverse flyer here (PDF) 

Cord Operation Easily operated and simple to use, an Inika blind is raised and lowered to the desired level by pulling on the operating cord. The cord is then either tied off with an attractive cleat or simply locked into position with a cord-locking device.

Looped chain or cord operated products require Child Safety devices

Chain operation Chain operation is well suited to larger blinds that are often heavy to lift. Looped chain or cord operated products require Child Safety devices.

Move motorisation Move motorisation systems are a popular solution for those who aspire to modern living, and the benefits of a quiet and automated system. Consider one of our smart remote controls to operate your blinds and design your own functions: timer, sun sensor, light control, or link in to your home automation.

This product comes with a 5 year warranty (conditions apply).