Venetian Blinds Aluminium

Aluminum Venetians are a very affordable and yet stylish way to furnish your windows. They blend well into any interior décor making them highly versatile. You have a great amount of control over these blinds as you are able to control the amount of sunlight emits each room, also making it a great privacy feature.
Aluminum Venetians are very hard wearing and are made to last even in humid conditions or our harsh Australian sunlight. You may even put them into wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and toilets without having to worry about them being negatively influenced by this atmosphere.

4032462.jpgThey have the ability to help protect your rooms from external temperatures. Without blinds, about 87% of the heat will come through your windows in the summer, and about 50% of the heat will go out through your windows in the winter. Stay comfortable with aluminum venetian blinds.

Aluminum Venetian Blind Materials:

  • 25mm or 50mm enameled flexible aluminum slats.
  • Woven polyester cords and tapes

Aluminum Venetian Blind Operation:

  • Self-locking cord lift system
  • Wand tilt control

Venetian Blinds Magnaview

The very latest design blinds from DBA click this link to find out more!  Magnaview

Venetian Blinds Timber 

Designed Blinds Australia has developed two distinct timber blind collections to satisfy different needs:

  • Authentic oiled or lacquered cedar timber venetian blinds - a magnificent natural wood product, known for strength and stability,
  • Maintenance-free, Woodmates® blinds - made with an engineered polymer that will not warp or fade, especially in bathroom and kitchen environments.

View the Inspiration Brand brochure here

7325812.jpgProduct details Cord Operation Easily operated and simple to use, a timber blind is easily raised and lowered to the desired level by pulling on the operating cord. The cord is then either tied off with an attractive cleat or simply locked into position with a cord-locking device.

Looped chain or cord operated products require Child Safety devices.

Move motorisation Move motorisation systems are a popular solution for those who aspire to modern living, and the benefits of a quiet and automated system. Consider one of our smart remote controls to operate your blinds and design your own functions: timer, sun sensor, light control, or link in to your home automation.

This product comes with a 5 year warranty (conditions apply).

Cleaning and Care Instructions Dust can be easily brushed off at regular intervals using a soft cloth, feather duster or a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. To dust, tilt the slats up and then down (but not entirely closed) to reach the top and bottom surfaces.

Oiled Cedar:
Oiled Cedar blinds require re-oiling every 12 months to rejuvenate appearance and stop the timber drying out and cracking. We recommend Cabots Danish oil (Cedar interior finish).

Lacquered Cedar & Basswood:
Regular application of furniture polish with a soft cloth is required. Follow the polish manufacturer’s instructions. Lemon oil is also suitable to rejuvenate the surface. Polishes for high gloss timber are not suitable.

Venetian Blinds Timber Lookalike

Timberlook Venetian Blinds At Custom Blinds we have a large option of timberlook blinds ranging from ecowood to visionwood. They capture the look of genuine timber, without the cost of the real thing! They are completely washable, they never need to be re-oiled or re-lacquered, making them perfect for all areas of your home.

NEW! Visionwood/Tuscany

Visionwood blinds are made from a high impact polystyrene that will not warp or fade over time like other cheap imitations. They are an eco-friendly product, there are no trees being cut down to create this product. Visionwood/Tuscany is a fire retardant, anti-fungal and anti- static product. 


Ecowood blinds offer the same warmth of natural wood blinds at a fraction of the cost. They offer between 75%-90% UV Protection and are easy to maintain and clean. 

Minimum Width

Maximum Width

Maximum Area

50/63mm Tuscany




Oslo- 50/63mm Ecowood



Please note: Timberlook products are quite heavy and not recommended to be put on large windows/doors. With everyday use it can damage the blind and if made at large sizes will not be covered under warranty.